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July 25 2013

Thank You Message from Benedict Cumberbatch


Benedict has very kindly taken the time to say thank you to all those who donated to the birthday fundraiser, sent him presents or birthday messages.

His message is below:

Dear Fans

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for donating to this most wonderful cause. I cannot express how deeply moved I am by your generosity and this most wonderful outcome of you being my fans. I couldn’t ask for a better present from better fans.

Although I did receive hundreds! And hundreds and hundreds!! Cards, paintings, foods, clothes, cups, fans, bags and hundreds and hundreds of amazing letters and messages of love and best wishes for a happy birthday. Your YouTube videos and twitter messages that got through to me were also incredibly touching. I’m soo grateful to all those people who gave me those presents and cards and those messages.

And it may be cheeky after such efforts and generosity… but could I make a request? Could you please put the time and energy, money and effort you put into those gifts, cards and messages to me into doing good for someone else? I am of course taking my inspiration from fans who donated to Myeloma UK. But it doesn’t have to be money, perhaps it’s just a bit of your time or a simple gesture of kindness… anyway if it makes me sound ungrateful for what you gave me please forgive my rudeness. I simply think if the number of people who threw love my way did so to people that need it far more than me, that would be a wonderful feeling for us all to have on my birthday.

I had such an amazing day and weekend to celebrate an extraordinary year and with great excitement about what the future holds. Many, many thanks to you wherever you are in the world. I hope you all have a great year too.

All my love



St Benedict of Cumberbatch

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July 23 2013

July 22 2013

Misty Dawn, Saint Cirq Lapopie, France
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A composition around London and BBC’s Sherlock for a commission (Owner : Katja Theiß). Download will not be allowed for this one sorry, all rights goes to the owner.

China ink (black, white and red) on ochre paper (29.7 x 21 cm). About 10 hours of work.

The picture I used as reference : http://hdrcreme.com/photos/49081-Houses-of-parliament-London

Walking trought the city by =Bilou020285

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Martin Crieff, by Br0-Harry

Watercolour / Paper

Simply beautiful - thank you so much, Harry!

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64/100 photos of Benedict Cumberbatch

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Simon Pegg is being sassy. 

Just love the enthusiasm he puts into that gesture

July 21 2013

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Everyone thinks he’s taking a photo of that lion but he’s actually just taking a selfie. 

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Man is least himself when he talks in his own person; but if you give him a mask, he will tell you the truth.

The "Johnlockers are no Sherlockians" problem.


Okay, here goes. I actually didn’t want to continue being upset about the whole “You’re not a real fan if you ship Johnlock" thing but I just can’t hold back anymore. This is probably going to be a very long thing, so I’ll put it under a cut.

Before, though - I already got hate, and I lost followers for this, so don’t read if you don’t  want to. I get passionate about things that changed my life, I apologise for that. I even contemplated leaving - tumblr and the fandom. But well. I rather defend us before I go.

Read More

I couldn’t have said it better myself, except as I understand it hate was not sent to Amanda until Breanna herself made Amanda aware of it.

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Trolling level: PRO
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I got dressed up in my Wolverine costume this morning and walked around San Diego. And not one person stopped me. One person said ‘Not Bad.’ Another said ‘Too tall.’
— Hugh Jackman at Days of Future Past panel (via animerunner)
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Bless Joss Whedon.

Joss gets us 

Joss Whedon for King.

Hear hear.

A god among men.

Fan (to Mark Gatiss): Will we see Mycroft mourn?

Mark Gatiss:
Yes, there's a scene where I go to the grave and laugh hysterically.
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